How political corruption and government instability led to the fall of the Roman Empire

Order Description HIST-458: RESEARCH TERM PAPER PROJECT Final Term Paper Due: Wednesday, 10 December 2014, by 11:59 pm through WebCampus Assignment: You will choose a topic concerning Roman Civilization to analyze in a 13-15 page argumentative paper. In the paper, you should be prepared to make an argument, not just merely summarize the evidence. The goal of this project is complete an original research project on some topic of interest to you concerning Roman civilization. The research will be based on primary and secondary sources to be chosen in consultation with me. The project will consist of the following: 1) The Term Paper Project will consist of four (4) sub-projects Topic Selection (1 page; due Sunday, 21 September 2014) Prospectus and Bibliography (2-4 pages; due Sunday, 9 November 2014) Class Presentation (5 minutes; due on a varying schedule) Term Paper (13-15 pages; due 10 December 2014) Specifics on the sub-projects will be made available as the due date approaches. 2) A typed, 13-15 page essay addressing the assignment above. The paper should include a bibliography (which does NOT count towards the page total). 3) The essay should be presented in a proper READABLE format (12 pt. font, double-spaced, with proper margins). All evidence should be cited appropriately in either MLA or APA. Either is acceptable, but should be consistent. 4) Primary Sources: The main evidence for your paper will be primary sources. The Romans left a copious literature on virtually every topic, and most of it is readily available in various formats. Depending on the topic, you should be prepared to use primary sources as evidence for your argument. The Topic Selection and the Prospectus/Bibliography will provide opportunities for us to assess your primary (and secondary) sources. 5) Secondary Sources: To help you analyze the primary sources, you should plan on drawing on a range of scholarly secondary sources—monographs, journal articles, etc.—that examine the context of the primary sources. As a minimum, you should plan on AT LEAST three, and as many as necessary to support your arguments.

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