human capital

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
1.    Describe the major concepts and techniques concerned with the way in which organisations manage their people.
2.    Outline the key approaches to identifying and assessing employee and organisational performance.
3.    Identify the important relationship between an organisation’s performance management system and human resource management.
4.    Explain the major reward practices and their implications in performance management. Structure
Follow Essay format. See the Course LibGuide for further details.
Your assignment must be written in Times New Roman, size 12, with 1.5 line spacing. You must follow all other formatting rules described in the guide mentioned above.
Topic Background
“Only human capital can produce a sustainable competitive advantage.  And, performance management systems are the key tools that can be used to transform people’s talent and motivation into a strategic business advantage.”  Aguinis (2013) Performance Management
Reflect on the Performance Management System (PMS) of an organization you know about. This could be the organization where you currently work, an organization that you previously worked for, or an organization where someone you know works.
You need to now accomplish the following tasks.
1.    Describe both the internal and external environment of the organization.  This context should take into account organizational culture and strategy, key performance indicators, and elements of the external environment.
2.    Decide on 2-3 critical, key areas for improvement within the PMS – ones that you would target for change in order to improve the system.  Name these areas in reference to your assigned textbook and class notes. Discuss in detail why you chose these areas and support you choice with empirical research and other information from journal articles.
3.    Choose 2-3 interventions or things you could do to improve the problems – that is, say how you would change the PMS in regard to the key areas.  Is there any evidence that these changes would be effective?  Explain why you think each proposed change would be effective based on empirical research and other information from journal articles.
Based on theoretical knowledge around the purposes of performance appraisals and ways to improve the performance appraisal techniques, students are expected to source material from a wide range of scholarly/academic peer reviewed journal articles and other textbooks to submit your response in an essay format.
You are expected to read widely for the assignment.  You should access scholarly material, including peer reviewed journal articles, chapters from edited books of readings, and books on specific human resource management (HRM) topics (at least 15 references required). The reference lists found in your prescribed textbook, as well as other texts, are good places to start when searching for additional references.  Reliance on websites or textbooks only is NOT an appropriate academic literature search and will not help you to achieve higher marks and/or grading.
The purpose of this piece of assessment is for you to demonstrate your ability to construct an in-depth and critical analysis discussion on the given topic.  In doing so, you are expected to use, and correctly cite, a range of relevant scholarly literature as evidence to justify and support your work.

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