Human Resources- job Satisfaction

Job Withdrawal


In Chapter 11 of Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, the text discusses the process people often go through as dissatisfaction sours their commitment to the organization or their job. For this discussion, choose one of these options as a reference point for basing your post:

  • Option 1: Draw from your own work experience. Think about a job dissatisfaction experience you went through. It can be in your current job or a job you recently held.
  • Option 2: Draw from a volunteer experience. Think about a time when you volunteered or were part of a charitable event or project.
  • Option 3: Draw from another person’s experience. Talk to a friend, relative, spouse, or co-worker and ask them about a job dissatisfaction they have experienced.

Prepare a post that responds to these questions:

  1. Overall, were you or the individual satisfied or dissatisfied with the job or volunteer work?
  2. Which category was, or is most likely to, foster the dissatisfaction? Categories could include personal dispositions, tasks and roles, supervisors and co-workers, or pay and benefits.
  3. Using the Job Withdrawal model on page 345, describe how your level or the individual’s level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction was manifest. For example, did your behavior or the individual’s behavior change? Did your or the individual’s dissatisfaction cause you or the individual to avoid work by being late or absent, or quit? Perhaps you or the individual withdrew psychologically but remained at work physically.
  4. How could the organization have prevented job withdrawal?

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