Preferably this essay should relate to Child Labour in developing countries… exploitation of these Workers whom are children. Something along these lines. Come up with a good question that you can interlink two poor countries that have the worst child labour in the world.

Go into different factors such as the wellness of these children when working, for example: Some of these children work on farms and have to plant/transfer tobacco, there are harmful chemicals that come into play when planting etc so necessary equipment would be needed, however that is never provided and these kids end up inhalling all the bad chemicals and toxins which can kill them. THEY ARE FORCED TO DO THIS – for a few pennies a day.

– PLEASE look into these types of questions.

The paper needs to consist of lots of journals, books, articles! Citation and footnotes, along with bibliography as well.

This is my dissertation – so this report needs enough time and dedication. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DO A GREAT JOB – meaning studying hard for this!!!


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