I.T. Business Analysis Report

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Identify the business problem and major stakeholders; define the confirmed requirements for the designated case study.

Case Study

The introduction of alternative teaching models such as three annual trimesters or six 6-week study periods at Griffith University, supported by mobile learning.


The business analysis case study should be investigated considering at most two aspects from below:

Local student enrolments and the impact of the new demand driven funding model

 International competition for overseas students

 Distance education

 Administration costs

 Student engagement

 Academic staff engagement

 Intellectual property

Accademic integrity and misconduct

The impact of new technologies and trends such as BYOD, mobile technologies and cloud computing should be taken into account where relevant.

You need to choose only one of the following IS Perspectives and discuss it in the context of the chosen aspect above:


Market analysis

Promotion and advertising Financial management

Human resource management Recruitment and training

IT support

Project management

Research and development

Knowledge management

 You need to clearly state which aspect/s and IS perspective you have chosen.

The report should demonstrate your mastery of ‘underlying competencies’ as indicated in BABOK, section 1.7 and chapter 8. The report should be based primarily on BABOK v2, the required readings and lecture slides. Please clearly distinguish between your work and that of your sources. All sources of business, background and contextual information should be carefully cited and listed, using APA or Harvard guidelines. Always indicate the page number(s) in the source you refer to. Direct quotes should be shown by quotation marks, should not be extensively used and will not be included in the word count.

Assignment Format:

*Title page: Student name, student number, degree, course code and title, assignment title, business problem, perspective, word count, due date

*Cover letter (not more than one page); this briefly indicates the purpose of the report, significant findings and limitations. Address the letter to your tutor. Examples of cover letters on the web.

*Executive summary (not more than one page). The summary should be able to be read instead of the report. It should focus on the main findings and limitations.

*Table of Contents. Should list the main headings and subheadings of the report, and the appendices (and titles of appendices), with correct page numbers.

*List of Illustrations. Tables and Figures with correct page numbers.

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