Iceland Energy and Society

• Introduction (0.5-1 page), Methods (0.5-2 pages), Results (1-3 pages), Discussion (1-3 pages)
• Due last week of class
• Weight of your grade will be on your focal topic
• Focus on 1 or 2 questions
• Format
– Arial font size 11
– 1.5 line spacing
– ¾ inch margins
Guidance of getting it done

This class is designed to promote original thinking. Iceland itself if a unique study to help gain insight into the impact of converting an economy to being fueled by renewable energy. Hence, focus you question on 1 or 2 interesting questions. If you can not find the data you need to test the question, it is ok. I will grade a paper higher that has the great ideas but no data over a paper that has data analyzed in a way that reveals or tests nothing. So go for it, present your ideas in an organized paper and you will do well in this class.

#2 also including one page proposal

Short proposal for final project (final project guidelines are now available online)

Submit a one page document that summarizes a) your proposed research question b) and the methods you will use to explore your research question or objective for the final paper. Please note that great questions that are explore with minimal data (i.e., creative thinking) is what I want from your project. Hence, you do not have to have an amazing analysis or data set to do well on the paper. So get writing and fill in the analysis aspect when possible, after you have you paper assembled.


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