Identify a healthcare delivery situation within the nurse’s current practice setting that needs change and provide background information.

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  1. Select and discuss a leadership theory and/or change model that the master’s prepared nurse can apply to the selected healthcare delivery situation.
  2. Develop a proposed plan for change the master’s prepared nurse could initiate to address the selected healthcare delivery situation, provide rationale.
  3. Discuss strategies the master’s prepared nurse can utilize to initiate change and improve outcomes related to the selected healthcare delivery situation.
  4. Discuss the essential elements needed by a master’s prepared nurse leader to be an effective change agent.
  5. Discuss why the leadership role is an integral component for the mastered prepared nurse.
  6. Define intraprofessional collaboration and communication.
  7. Discuss the impact intraprofessional collaboration and communication has on the change process.
  8. Discuss how the master’s prepared nurse leader can facilitate intraprofessional communication and collaboration during the change process.
  9. Discuss barriers to and drivers of effective collaboration communication between interdisciplinary healthcare members.

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