Identify either a law passed within five years in the United

Question Identify either a law passed within five years in the United States (e.g. stiffer penalties for drinking under age) or a law that is present in some states (or countries) but not others (e.g. the allowance of commercial gambling). Write a list of potential outcomes associated with this law (e.g. decline in traffic fatalities associated with stiffer penalties for drinking under age or higher crime rate in states that allow gambling). Use the library newspaper articles and the Internet to help you identify stakeholders in this law (or in its discontinuation). Locate data that could be used to evaluate the program in terms of its outcomes. Write a 1.5 page report in which you evaluate the law in terms of the outcomes you have specified. Project how these results might be interpreted by at least one set of opposing stakeholders. Include a bibliography and in-text citations explicitly referencing your research. You should draw upon three relevant sources.

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