Identify within your agency a policy goal that needs to be achieved or a problem that needs to be targeted

Prepare a 250-300 word summary describing your final paper concept and submit to the instructor for approval. Your topic must be approved by the instructor. See the assignment “Policy Goal Paper” in Module 5 for detailed information on the final paper.; ; Final paper (to use for proposal): Identify within your agency a policy goal that needs to be achieved or a problem that needs to be targeted.; Once you choose a topic, you must develop a plan to address the particular need or problem. Detail the formation and implementation of a task force designed to target this problem or need, ideally requiring the cooperation of various government agencies. Your paper must address not only resources within your agency but also resources available from other governmental entities. It must include items such as objectives, funding, assignment of tasks, areas of responsibility, strategies, points of command, contact persons, etc. Include a discussion of at least the following areas:; A general overview or background of the problem, including a description of what change you want to make and why the change is needed. A more specific description/explanation of the change you propose (if not fully covered under the background). Describe the process for creating the task force and the rationale for choosing the members. Describe how you will accomplish the change (i.e., legislatively, administratively), including avenues of change and a discussion of all viable options, including those not used. Describe how the change would be implemented within the agency and what steps would be taken to monitor the success of the change.;

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