Impact Of Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy On Individual Wealth

Term Paper Guidelines
Your paper needs to have the following:
1- Cover page to include title, students name, instructor name, course name and date of submission.
2- Executive summary/abstract
3- Introduction
4- Literature review/previous researches
5- Discussion and analysis
6- Conclusion
7- References (at least 10 references)
8- Graphs and Tables must be nicely presented in the main body of the paper.
9- The length of the paper is 8 pages; double spacing; 12 pt; times new roman; margin of one inch from all sides. This is excluding the cover page and the references. However, it may be a little larger or smaller. I give more weight on quality than on quantity.
10- You need to number your pages properly (do not number cover page) and justify the margin.
11- You need to write your paper according to APA style. Do not plagiarize and use your own work. Plagiarizing constitutes a zero for the term paper and a failing grade for the course.
13- You will submit a printed copy of your paper and you will also present your paper after a few days from submitting. Your grade will be based on cleanliness, originality, effort, depth of discussion, and format/organization.


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