In the instruction

Though arguing for dramatically different things, both of the speakers in Donne’s poems “The Flea” and “[Death, be not proud]” make arguments with assertive rhetorical developments that are surprising at points. Write an essay that compares the speakers in each poem, and be sure to address both the rhetorical strategies that each uses, as well as the tone that each poem assumes.

700 to 900 words, roughly 2 to 3 pages

No sources are required except quoting from the book

No works cited page necessary

Use MLA style in your quoting and paraphrasing.

The format is Times New Roman, Double-space, 12 pt. font type.

No attachments are accepted.

Please paste in your essay to the WRITE SUBMISSION icon/box. More directions can be found under Online Directions in the left menu.

You are graded on the following:

Answering the question satisfactorily

Use of grammar, syntax, and punctuation

Organization (topic sentences and logical format to the essay)

Thesis statement


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