Indianapolis: Pearson Education.

please see the attachment and write a paper in a very well respond and perfect way.

attachment 1 and 2 from two different book. please read them and use the idea in your respond to the question if you need. please I want you to make every effort to make it perfect.

**you may use the attachment and the information of the reading if there is need to make the answer well done.

**you can go with more than one page writing this essay if this will make it good paper and you can charge me for the 2nd page whenever you done.

attachment 1 from : Robert W. Taylor and Charles R. Swanson. (2016) Terrorism, Intelligence and Homeland Security. Indianapolis: Pearson Education.
attachment 2 from: Jeremy R. Spindlove and Clifford E. Simonson. (2013) Terrorism Today: The Past, the Players, the Future. 5th edition. Indianapolis: Pearson Education.


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