Indirect bad news message

You are the head of Human Resources and you are responsible for communicating any and all changes that impact employees at your company.  This week, you will be sending a communication e-mail that will contain some bad news that will likely upset many employees.

Your company has made the decision to close down one of its regional locations (Manchester, IA) and combine it with another facility (Bellevue, IA) to save costs and increase efficiencies.  This likely will mean a reduction in headcount (personnel) as well so you have to be very sensitive in how this is communicated.  People will obviously be worried about what this may mean for them? is this just the beginning of more moves like this?, what does this mean for the company’s future?, etc.


Write an e-mail to the entire company, announcing the immediate closure of the Regional location in Manchester, IA, writing an indirect bad news message would be the most appropriate communication channel.

As your leader, I would like to see this e-mail before you send it out to ensure that it contains the correct tone, content, and style. Upload the e-mail to the appropriate Dropbox so I can review it and make any necessary corrections.


Below are the criteria I will be using to assess your submission:

  • Informative subject line
  • Appropriate greeting that maintains professionalism and possesses the appropriate formality level
  • Demonstrates evidence of the writing process and clearly conveys regret without ambiguity or too much apology; also does not create false hope, make false promises, or masks the import of the bad news
  • Request is framed appropriately and follows the standard format for routine bad news messages of this sort: opens with a buffer statement, provides a rationale, delivers bad news, focuses on the future/provides a positive angle, and closes respectfully to maintain goodwill with the reader
  • Ends with a sincere goodwill message and uses an appropriate “sign off” – also possesses a signature block with contact information
  • A positive tone that reflects the “you attitude,” reflects a high standard of professional etiquette, and demonstrates concern for others
  • Concise phrasing and clear, precise word choices
  • Free of grammar and usage errors; no errors

The total number of points available for this assignment is 20 points


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