Individual Ethical Challenges

Individual Learning Activity – – Directions and Deliverables:

Write anything personal to you, that is fine but please explain well enough and fulfill the 5 grading requirements.

Please review each of the six ethical challenges below.

Then choose one (From the list given below) to research and provide an example of an ethical challenge that either you have experienced, observed, or anticipate possibly encountering related to leadership roles in organizations.

You may draw upon your own experiences or the experiences of others in order to prepare a one page (max.) summary submission. The submission should start with a description of the challenge in your own words followed by an analysis based on research (by you) of “Ethical Decision Making” to either support or debate actions taken. The research should include: appropriate use of literature on ethical decision making (properly cited); a discussion of legal versus ethical behaviors; possible consequences of actions taken to stakeholders; support or debate of actions taken; and, your thoughts, recommendations or conclusions for leaders in organizations who might experience similar challenges. As a starting point, please review the College of Engineering’s website on ethics at: The one page summary is to be submitted in the Drop-Box below. The scoring criteria are indicated below.


#1 – – Balancing organizational and individual interests

#2 – – Maintaining appropriate confidentiality

#3 – – Showing respect for patents, copyrights, and intellectual property

#4 – – Ensuring truth in technical claims, data, and recommendations

#5 – – Pricing and/or costing products or services fairly

#6 – – Using power and authority appropriately

Rubric -Grade-Sheet: Individual Ethical Challenges Submission (25 points)

This assignment will be evaluated using this grade-sheet.

_____ Relevance of the example to ethical decision making and to leadership roles in organizations (5 pts)

_____ Made use of appropriate ethical decision making literature and “Ethical Decision Making” framework(s) (5 pts)

_____ Demonstrated ability to “Ethics Spot” and ability to differentiate “Legal vs. Ethical” behaviors (5 pts)

_____ Identified stakeholders or parties affected and appropriately supported or debated actions taken (5 pts)

_____ Professional looking one page report (5 pts)

_____ Total Points (25 Max)


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