information for Chicago Style.

1. Write down the citation of following information using IEEE Citation and Chicago Style (AD) system, respectively. (1.5 points x 4)
Remember to include “in text” information for Chicago Style.

A. Journal paper: “Zone-branch reliability methodology for analyzing industrial power systems” by D.O. Koval

B. Conference paper: “Availability of data communication networks in automated urban train systems” by P. Dersin

c. Journal paper: “Throughput and delay of single-hop and two-hop aeronautical communication networks” by Yufeng Wang, M.C. Erturk, Jinxing Liu, In-ho Ra, R. Sankar, S. Morgera

D. Book: “Modern Control Engineering” by Katsuhiko Ogata, 5th edition

2. In a data stream of “W”s and “L”s, with probabilities p(W)=0.9 and p(L)=0.1, what is the information content per character?

3. Many data streams use ASCII codes to transmit information, i.e. they use eight bits per character to transmit information. Give two independent reasons why this is not a very efficient transmission for normal text.

4. Find a table of the relative frequencies with which the different characters occur in English (consider only lower-case characters) and use it to estimate the information content in a character of text.


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