Information security

Part 1:
Give a brief introduction about information security.
What are the most recent attacks on information security?
Select 1 or 2 attacks and go in deep (technical side, not story or history)
How dangerous are these new attacks?
How to prevent attacks?

Part 2:

Employment opportunities in information security today
include the different types of employment positions, average salaries, job growth, and the growth in this field in your country
Select 1 or 2 attacks and go in deep (technical side, not story or history)
What are the requirements of the job “to get it”?

Part 3:

Demonstrate an example of cipher process to protect top secret message for a business company. For example, the confidential message is below and you need to create your own cipher algorithm to encrypt and decrypt it:
Like: “The highest bidding price is 406714 USD$”


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