Information Systems Project Management

the text book
please use textbook 100%
1) i am uploading the Microsoft project trial lick use that to prepare the project
2) i have uploaded excel use to do cost analysis change the vales in the excel and do it that part
3) i have uploaded the metrials please check it

this teacher is idiot please be care full while doing the assessment if you have any dought as me
1) executive summery
1) Project Plan / Project Brief is professionally presented and well formatted
2)Provide a list of any underlying assumptions and/or constraints.
3)Provide a brief explanation of the background and/or context of the project. (Try and keep this to about half a page)
4)Provide scope of the project to respond to the problem at hand (one-page
5)Provide descriptions of the outcome of the project to meet the problem at hand(one-page maximum).
6)What resources, internal, external, will be required for the project?
(one-page maximum).
7)List the major activities, scheduled start, scheduled finish and who has been
assigned accountability Develop a GANTT or PERT chart to represent the work
breakdown structure and its dependencies. (two pages’ maximum)
8)Provide an initial cost estimated only with appropriate justifications to meet the organizational needs within the scope (one-page maximum).
9)Provide a summation of the above information with either a recommendation to proceed with the project or not.
10) conclusion


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