MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS (BCS 300) INFORMATION SYSTEMS RESEARCH PROJECT; Purpose; This project will tie together each of the aspects developed in the course this semester.; Scenario: You have been given the assignment to research an information system and report back to your manager regarding its possibility for adoption. Analyze the system from this perspective.; This end-of-term report will be presented to the class. This report will cover one type of information system that is covered this semester. Each of your classmates will report on a different brand name system currently used in business today. You will have the opportunity to learn about many systems in use today and to gain some insight into the system that they have researched.; Here are some pages in our text that may be helpful:; Type of Information System; Function of Systems/Text Pages; Project Due Date and Requirements; ; You must submit to me the name of the system that you will be researching (See Course Outline for Date).; Creating a Rating Scale; To create a rating scale for the technology you are researching, begin by determining some number of categories by which you will rate this system. Some example categories are: (1) ease of use, (2) available training, (3) cost effectiveness, (4) availability of customer service, etc. You can add additional categories based on your individual system.; Once you have the categories, score the system based upon your research. Scores should total 100. You may also use weightings if certain categories weight more or less in our scoring model. You should be able to justify your ratings.; ; Project Grading; Grading on this paper will be determined by the thoroughness and the detail you provide for the following topics (each worth 15-25 pts.):;

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