inspiration to practice law

Ever since I was young, I have had a passion for helping others. In whatever way I could, whether big or small, I have found myself extending a helping hand to those who needed it. In fact, that was my mother who instilled this trait in me. When I was six years old, I noticed that my mother would leave every Sunday evening with a basket full of food and other amenities and come back later on without it. I often wondered where she would go, and one day I asked if I could accompany her. She promised to take me with her the following week after explaining that she often visits some homeless families, giving them what she could. Moreover, she would also talk to some of them getting to know their story and directing them to places where they could get help. Afterwards,I started to do this with my mother every other week until I went to college. The spirit she instilled in me did not die, even though I was far from home and did not carry on the routine by myself.


I still felt that I should continue helping others and thus, decided to look for ways that I could contribute to the local society through, even though I was in a new city far away from my comfort zone. One of the things my mum used to do was educating some of these homeless people about the options that were available to them legally. Some of them had been pushed into the streets simply because some greedy individuals or corporations took advantage of them, and they did not have the money to hire astute lawyers to present their case. The free lawyers provided by the state were often loaded with a lot of work and did not have time to immerse themselves fully in seeking justice for their clients. Therefore, I figured out that I could practice as a lawyer so as I could get a chance to help those who could not afford the services of an expensive private lawyers. In order to be a good lawyer, one ought to be driven by passion which defines my career path.


Apart from being passionate about helping those at the verge and those who have already lost their homes, I possess some innate qualities that will make me a great lawyer. I am a person who has interacted with various types of people over different periods of my life. In addition, I have the ability to get along with individuals from any economic, social or cultural background, having worked in the hospitality industry for a long time. This skill is exceptionally relevant for anyone wishing to be a lawyer as it will allow one’s clients to open up effortlessly. This skill also allows me to understand individuals quite well, which will come in handy when investigating the strategies to be followed while representing different individuals in courts. Moreover, my research skills are impeccable, having had to acquire the relevant information to offer solutions to those my mum and I were serving back in the day. I believe that a good lawyer needs to be articulate, which is something that I have mastered over the years given my service background. Therefore, I can state that I have what it takes to be a good lawyer, and, in addition to my passion, my skill set will allow me to fulfill my duties outstandingly.



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