Instructions for Analysis Essay #1

Instructions for Analysis Essay #1; Download the file, Essay1Template.docx, and compose your essay in this file, as it is already formatted with the correct margins, fonts, etc.; Use the Edit Header feature in Word to replace the text “Information System” with a brief name or acronym for your information system. Replace “Name”, in the header, with your name. If you do not know how to edit a header in Word, use the Help feature in Word, or Google the Web for instructions on editing a header in Word.; Your essay must be at least 1000 words (approximately 2 pages long). Microsoft Word has a word count feature and you can usually view the word count in the bar at the bottom of Word. If necessary, Google for help on how to view the Word count in Microsoft Word. I have formatted the file so that you should be able to fit a 1000 word essay on approximately two pages.; Please write only in your own words. You are encouraged to read various sources to learn more about your information system, but due to the brief length of the essay, you are discouraged from directly quoting from your sources. Instead, explain what you learned from your research and what you know from your own experience with the system, in your own words. List the references you consulted in your research at the bottom of your essay, in APA citation style. Look at the examples of model essays. These examples demonstrate proper formatting and a model for what the content of your analysis should contain.In Analysis Essay #1, you will address the following: 1) introduction to your information system, 2) description of the hardware and software requirements of the system, and 3) description of the features/functions of your information system, including the inputs and outputs associated with each feature and how each feature is used within your organization.; Your introductory paragraph should briefly describe your information system and explain the purpose of the information system, the primary users of the system, and the primary features and functions of the system.; ; The next several paragraphs should describe both the server-side and client-side hardware and software requirements of your system. If you do not know specific details about the server-side configuration of your system, you may make educated assumptions about the types of hardware and software that would be needed to run the system, based on what you have learned in this class about typical server-side hardware and software technologies and configurations. For example, server-side hardware typically includes file servers and Web servers that run the system. Server-side software typically includes a powerful database to store the system’s data. Client-side hardware includes the desktop or laptop computer, or mobile devices, which the user uses to access the system. Client-side software can include software which must be installed on the user’s computer to access the system, or, in the case of a web-based system, it might only include a web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox).; The rest of your essay should describe the main features (i.e., functions, menu options) of your information system. Each paragraph in this section should detail one major feature of the system, describing the purpose of the feature, the specific data inputs the feature takes, and the outputs of the feature. When describing outputs, describe the specific information being output from the system as well as the format of the output (i.e., management reports or on-demand access from a live computer terminal). You do not need to write a conclusion for your essay, since the essay is intended to be brief and focused on relevant content only.;

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