Teach me about an industry
• Research the industry, is there someone you know that can tell you about the industry, etc.
• Briefly describe the major companies in the industry? Local companies?
• What is the latest and greatest about the industry? Industry trends?
• Just tell me everything you can about your industry

Each team needs to decide who will do each job.
• Project Manager – the team leader who holds the ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the team’s project. PM’s will meet with me each classday and brief me about how their team is doing. They will tell me what the team has finished; what they plan to accomplish that day; and, if any team members are causing problems. Project Managers have the power to influence their team member’s grade.
• Senior Editor –the team’s lead writer. The senior editor assigns smaller writing tasks to the group, make sure that each team member comes through with their part, then edit and revise the essay to make sure it has one smooth voice.
• Senior Analyst – While ever member of the team has to help with research and analysis, the senior analyst is responsible to lead this process and make sure that the evidence and analysis that the team is using is gathered, organized, and complete.
• PowerPoint Designer – In addition to the paper, each team is responsible to produce a PowerPoint, visually represent what you have learned to share with the class.

you are going to answer these questions about Industry then you are going to talk about insurance in general , here is some of insurance types i want you to write about : pet insurance , automobile insurance , travel insurance and you can add 2 more of your choice


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