intensive movie review

Order Description This paper should treat key examples from at least three of the films from :” Divided we fall”,”Shop on main street”, “In darkness”, “Transport from paradise” . Be sure to watch the movies first. Include references to at least 20 examples from the films and at least a half dozen citations from the readings that I’ll upload later in my account. Essay prompt: With regard to carrying out Nazi policies against the Jewish population, the behavior of the governments and the local authorities of the areas that came under Fascist control during World War 2 ranged from active collaboration(to gain material benefits or advance nationalist aims), to indifferent acquiescence, to compliance out of fear. What distinguished the situations in the Czech Protectorate, in Slovakia, and in occupied Poland or Western Ukraine in this regard? In what ways do the films reflect what the readings have to say about the social, psychological, economic or political motivations individuals had for cooperating in or at least not resisting the Nazi or Fascist policies against Jews?what inclined particular characters(Horst Prohaska, Mr.Simacek, Markus Kolkocky, Tono brtko, Evelyna Brtko, Captain Bortnick, Szczepek) to acquiesce to or actively collaborate with the policies being enacted against the Jews? In your essay include examples highlighting the behavior and motivation of each of the above characters. Keep in mind that a particular character may have more than one kind of motivation for collaborating or for not helping Jews. (Please rewrite this essay according to the old essay I upload. Please cite more reading material and examples from the movies.

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