Internation Disputes

Internation Disputes
Q. Critically evaluate the role of mediation as a means of contributing to the resolution of disputes between states.
The essay should include a critical analysis of the utility and process of mediation with good cases that relates with my question as :
• an individual (e.g. Argentina-Chile Beagle Channel dispute)
• a state (e.g. Algeria in the dispute between Iran and the USA; or the USA in the Falklands dispute between the United Kingdom and Argentina). Recently, Switzerland in resumption of relations between Turkey and Armenia.
• a regional, international or non-governmental organisation (e.g. the World Bank in the dispute between India and Pakistan over the Indus River; the European Community in the 1990s Yugoslav crisis).
• No plagiarism the essay will be under Turnit program —
Referencing Requirements:
Books and Legal Sources

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