International Accounting

Individual assignment (70%) – 2,500 words (Harvard referencing and in-text citation)
1. Topic – “Discuss and critically evaluate the success of harmonization. Choose a country with a relevant organization as an example as illustration”

1. Executive Summary
2. Content page
3. Introduction (Short, just 4-5 sentences)
4. Reasons for Harmonization (in general)
4.1 Globalization
4.2 Xxxxx
4.3 Xxxxx
4.4 Xxxxxx
5. Issues in Harmonization (in general)
5.1 xxxxx
5.2 xxxxx
5.3 xxxxx
5.4 xxxxx
Case Study (i) Germany:Timeline, (ii) what standard it is using (iii)discuss on the extent of harmonisation‬
‪. difference in accounting standards, discuss why they are not harmonised (if more than than 85% not harmonise then discuss on what standards are harmonised, the listing can put as appendix)‬‬
6. Illustration (Evaluate on Bayer AG-from Frankfurt stock exchange, show the figure reconciliation of FS between Germany GAAP and IFRS and evaluate 
discuss and evaluate 2 standards that are harmonised
. discuss n illustrate the 2 standards before and after the harmonisation
. show the reconciliation before and after harmonization (using excel to calculate)
7. Conclusion
success or failure of harmonization or foreseen to be successful in future
8. Recommendation


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