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Question Outline Phase 4IP As one of the head financial leaders of a regional bank in Ohio I decided that it would be beneficial to our company to open an office in Tokyo which is known for being one of the top global financial centers in the world. Before any plans can be made on the expansion there are a few key factors that will need to be discussed and decided upon before heading overseas. 1. Introduction * Tokyo ** why this country was chosen 2. Facing Challenges * cultural * ethical * social * educational 3. Political and Legal Systems * Tokyo Japan is a democratic country * Constitutional monarchy ** Prime Minister * Racism and Discrimination are legal * Police injustice ** arrests for no reason ** arrested individuals have no rights 4. Government Intervention * What role it will play 5. Tokyo’s economic system * mixed ** history 6.International Trade Involvement * trade protection * labor market adjustments * competition * tax incentives ** how will these help or hurt the financial institution 7. Does an active presence help in expanding to other countries? 8. Involvement in regional integration? * yes or no? * how? Conclusion: * Should the expansion into Tokyo take place? * Are there financial risks? * Will it benefit shareholders? * What type of presence would work best Citis references APA format

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