International comparative methods – most similar most different research designs

Use the attached short case “Why do the global policy trajectories of antimicrobial resistance differ from that of climate change?” when answering question 1.
Each of the three overarching questions (1-3) are given equal weight in the grading.
1. Small-N – related to the case
a. The research question in the case is obviously best approached by a most-similar research design, but can you identify the dependent variable and the independent variables in such most-similar research design?
b. Is there any additional information we would need to conduct a most-similar case comparison? Hint: an important variable has not been described in the case.
2. Small-N – in general
a. Discuss the general advantages and disadvantages with most-similar and most-different comparative research designs.
3. Large-N
a. Discuss some of the caveats of exploring the determinants of trust through a cross-country comparison

the written assignment may not exceed 12.000 keystrokes including spaces (approximately 5 standard pages). Scope of the assignment is based on 2,400 keystrokes (including spaces) per page.


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