International mass communication

International mass communication Based on Thussu’s chapter, the lesson and the case study on El Mozote, what would you say has been the role of the U.S. government in international communication? Make sure to make direct references to all course material presented in this week. What is a current topic that would shed light on this week’s issues? You can use a news article, song, film/documentary, etc. as a source. Please cite this source, so that I may be able to find it. Remember, you must answer the questions and you must find at least one contemporary topic that is discussed in any kind of media that would relate to the week’s theme. Make sure to post twice this week by Sunday, 9 p.m. One original post answering the questions and sharing the media item you found (don’t forget to say WHY you chose it) and at least one response to a classmate. Thussu’s chapter: attached additional materials
El Mozote website:
The United States has played a big role in international communication, especially popular mass media. For the first place, it promotes international trade and commerce between countries. A fast and efficient way of communication is key to make transactions and trade because they depend on the data and information. At the end of the 19th century, the US has focused on advertising to expand it’s market overseas.
Propaganda has become a crucial component of US broadcasting during the WWII and the cold war period. The war between communism and capitalism again showed the US had its absolute power to build credibility and control opinions. It use mass media as a way to get government involved in order to oppose communism. The VOA also set a global network to propagate American ideas. Afterwards, The US has also occupied the capitalist First World as the result of the Cold War. It’s like the US always has its own methods to get what it wants, sometimes even cruel. Just like the video about the massacre in El Mozote. The US paid for training a death squads to kill people in El Mozote. I felt really sympathetic towards the women there.
I found the article “Media in United States” written by Anup Shah very related to our readings. It covers the role of advertising, the process of propaganda with a specific graph showing how it works, and also how the American media relates to recent news, politics and economic benefits.
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