Interpret the Commentary on the Role of Religion in Personal Morality in A Good Man is Hard to Find

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In this paper, at least 3 secondary research sources need to be used (beyond the literary text(s) being analyzed) to help build the case for your interpretation. A secondary source is not be another story, but rather is an academic article or book discussing the author, the story, or related issues. The research sources need to be useful, intelligent sources that fully meet the requirements of “legitimate academic sources.” In addition to this, of course, engagement in significant close textual analysis of the chosen text(s) is essential.

The key to this assignment is developing an original thesis statement regarding your interpretation of the selected theme. Make sure to structure your paper with a series of topic sentences that directly connect back to this thesis statement. Then use your own textual analysis as well as research (i.e. literary criticism) to investigate & ultimately “prove” your thesis.

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