Intervention Proposal

I/O experts are often expected to develop proposals for interventions to address workplace needs. For this assessment, develop a proposal to leadership for a diversity intervention to address performance and job satisfaction, based upon the following scenario:

"Company G" is a large manufacturing company with 5,000 employees, all based in the United States. The company also operates globally and has customers in Europe and Asia. You were hired as the consultant to assist "Company G" in becoming more culturally sensitive and to leverage the advantages of the diversity with its employees. The demographics of the company include both males and females. Although there are more males than females, females are a growing demographic. The company’s ethnic demographics include American-born Caucasians, African Americans, and Hispanics. There are also a small number of management employees from India and Asia, all who are educated and speak English. There have recently been hired around 800 workers who are new immigrants from Serbia. Most of these new workers are in the same area of the organization. The organization has operated for 100 years and has workers of all ages from traditionals (WWll), baby boomers, to GenX, to millennials.

The leaders believe there is a relationship between diversity and organizational effectiveness and are looking for increases in overall performance and job satisfaction as a result of the diversity intervention you design. Since organizations are complex social systems, there are multiple successful paths (equifinality) to an outcome. What the leaders are looking for is a successful path that appeals best to them.

Make sure that the information that you present is organized and professional, and provides appropriate context for the target audience. Your proposal must include:

The background questions you need to ask leaders for clarification. This is the most critical aspect of creating a proposal. If you do not ask the right questions, you will not get the information to develop an effective intervention. This should be a comprehensive section, with at least one page of probing questions. Be sure to consider:
What kind of specific background information would you need to have?
What are potential obstacles or existing issues that should be addressed?
The type of methodology you would use to collect data on the organization (quantitative, qualitative (use this one, supporting articles attached!!!!), or mixed.) Explain the rationale for the methodology you would choose and provide two scholarly references.
The type of intervention you would likely design and the rationale for the design, based upon foundational theories and current practices in the I/O field. Include two references from scholarly literature.
An explanation of professional standards for ethics and diversity for the intervention and evaluation plan. Include one scholarly reference.
The expected results from the intervention.
A plan to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention.


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