Investments in Noncurrent Operating Assets

chapter 11: Investments in Noncurrent Operating Assets – Utilization and Retirement

Problems 11-60
Problem 11-67 (Use Excel for both problem )
Your assignment for this chapter is to complete Exercise(s), Problem(s) and/or Case(s) listed on the "Course Schedule." If a note is added to use "Excel Template," you need to download the related Excel template from the textbook web site and use it to complete your assignment. Solution will not be accepted with other format. YOU HAVE TO USE EXCEL FORMULAS FOR CALCULATIONS DO NOT JUST ENTER FIGURES

SUBMIT your assignments below by uploading your assignments as attachments. Upload all assignments under ONE submission please. Please do not submit homework problems in parts. All must be completed with ONE submission.

problem 11- 60 ( page 58 &59)
problem 11-67 ( page 62)
case 11-79 ( page 67)
i put the problem link on the additional material.
Also can you please make one problem per excel worksheet.


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