Iranian elections

This paper is to be written in a report format to include:

1- Introduction 750 words
– Background on the 2017elections and it’s results
– Overview of Iranian politics background
– Brief overview of UAE/Iranian political ties
– Brief outlook to Iranian political future

2- Body 1500 words
– Look at different ways this election impacts Iran
– Look at international impact of election results
– Look at UAE impact in particular of election results

3- Analysis 2000 words
– should be the part mostly focused on
– this part is the most important!!!
– Analyze how this election would effect UAE/Iran political ties positively and negatively
– Analyze how this election would effect UAE/Iran economic ties positively and negatively
– Analyze how this election would effect UAE/Iran Security ties positively and negatively

4- Implications and conclusion 750 words
– Summarize the report Look at the results and conclusions following the analysis and to include objective next steps for the UAE
– this part must be connected to the analysis

5- Opinion 500 words
This part to include a personal opinion on how this relationship has been conducted, and how it’s been beneficial and a recommendation on next steps


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