Is radical islam a threat to Central Asia?

Answer the question "is radical islam a threat to central asia?"
please have a look to the slides before answering the question and use the following sources ;

Cornell, S. E. (2005) Narcotics, Radicalism, and Armed Conflict in Central Asia: The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Terrorism and Political Violence, 17:577–597.
Hagheyeghi, Mehradad (1995) Islam and Politics in Central Asia, London, Palgrave MacMillan
International Crisis Group (2003) Is Radical Islam Inevitable in Central Asia? Priorities for Engagement, Asia Report No 72 (Osh/Brussels)
Olcott, M. B. (2007) Roots of Radical Islam in Central Asia, Carnegie Paper No. 77
Tazmini, G. (2001) ‘The Islamic Revival in Central Asia: A Potent Force or Misconception?’ Central Asian Survey, 20 (1): 63-83.
Trisko, J. (2005) Coping with the Islamist threat: analysing repression in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, Central Asian Survey, 24(4), 373–389
Weitz, R. (2004) Storm Clouds over Central Asia: Revival of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU)?, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 27:505–530, 2004.


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