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David – Data backup is efficient when we use cloud technology. Please review the following link:

Small business backup made easy with cloud

In Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP), we should consider the following threats: maximum tolerable downtime, regulatory responsibilities, and reputation.
What impact does a catastrophe have on an organization’s reputation? How can we increase the chances of showing that we were prepared for a negative risk?
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Textbook: Laudon, Kenneth C., & Laudon, Jane P. (2015). Managing Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, 13th ed. Prentice Hall.
Link to book:

This week you will write the Your Company’s IT Planning and Analysis Processes section of your term paper. Topics to cover in this section include your organization’s IT strategy and planning process (chapter 13 and 14), your organization’s use of management decision support and intelligent systems (chapter 12), and your organization’s IT security policy, acceptable use policy, business continuity plan, and disaster recovery plan (chapter 8). Be sure to also take ethical and social issues into consideration in relation to IT planning (chapter 4).
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