Job Application Letters, Resumes, Recommendations and Follow up Correspondence

Job Application Letters, Resumes, Recommendations and Follow up Correspondence; 4 tasks; Please complete the following assignments in the exact order listed. Each assignment should be at least one page in length, but all should be submitted in ONE document.; 1. Write a Formal Letter: Use Format on Page 131; SOLICITED LETTER: Write a cover letter for an advertised job, or a job about which you have specific knowledge (perhaps a new opening at your current place of employment). This Assignment 28.9 is on page 488. You may choose any of the options listed from items “a” to “d”. Use the format for Formal Letter example on page 131.; ; 2. Write a Resume: Use Format on Page 454; CRITICAL THINKING. Create a skills resume using the example on page 454. A skills resume emphasizes the skills you have used, rather than where and when you used them. Skills resumes are useful when you are changing fields; you want to combine experience from paid jobs, activities and/or volunteer work; you have gaps in employment; or you have education in a field in which you have not been employed. Skills resume may also include job history at the end of the document.; 3. Write a Formal Letter: Use Format on Page 131; INSTRUCTOR LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION: This is Assignment 12.21, Item “b” (page 213). Write a letter directly to me (your instructor) and use the Fort Lauderdale campus address as my address (1900 W. Commercial Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309). In the letter you will ask for a letter of recommendation for a job or graduate school entry. Be sure to include:; 1. What information you would like to see included in the letter; 2. Who to send the letter to; 3. When the letter needs to received; 4. Where to send the letter; 4. Write an Email: Use Format on Page 221; Assume you have just completed an interview for a new job. Send an email thanking the person you met. Be sure to reiterate any points that you want the interviewer to remember about you and your skills. For Formal Email Writingsee page 219 for examples of how to format an email for professional inquiries. Your submission should include all elements of the email: Address, Subject Line, Salutation, and Signature Block. You can compose this on your computer and copy and paste a screen shot in a Word document, or compose it in a document that replicates an email format.;

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