Job plan

Write a cohesive 4-5 page research paper that outlines your post college plans, and your three potential career paths/industries. Research the occupations within the three paths that you chose (education, salary, companies, locations, etc.)

Industry Research:
Outline your three industry choices as a whole. (What kinds of companies and non-profits fall under that career cluster? What jobs are available in this cluster? What challenges are facing the industry today? How does the industry play a role in the United States and/or global economy? In other words, is it a growing/shrinking/steady industry? Why? How is it connected to other industries? Provide any details you can on how this industry plays a role in the broader economy.)

Occupational Research:
Research and outline three occupations in the three chosen industries or career paths (one per industry) using information from 2 different sources each: descriptions of the occupation and actual current openings. Synthesize the common skills and preparation; identify any differences. Conduct informational interviews with one person/per occupation of people who currently work in that occupation/industry. Look back to the networking skills we used in class to identify your interviews.

Synthesize what you learned about the specific occupation with your industry research, including where the specific occupation fits into your life design model, and be sure to incorporate YOUR post college plans.

In addition to your 4-5 page paper, please include copies of the 3 job descriptions, notes from your informational interviews, and a reference sheet (these are not included in your 4-5 pages).


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