Journal: Action Researcher as Storyteller

Journal: Action Researcher as Storyteller

In action research, reporting is done through storytelling. An action researcher is responsible for the precise representation and depiction of the discussions and interviews that occurred while performing the research. Additionally, the validity of your study is largely based on your ability to accurately represent the voice of your community.

For this journal entry, evaluate your personal comfort level with the action research process. Self-reflection will help you to improve in your personal and professional life and as an action researcher. In addition, you will evaluate the ethical responsibilities of an action researcher in communicating the results of your study. Consider the following questions:
•How comfortable are you with the action research process?
•What do you like most about the transformational action research process?
•What concerns you about the process?
•What are your feelings about engaging in transformational action research?
•What are you most excited about? What concerns you?
•How do you feel about your responsibility in capturing the group’s work?
•What are the roles and responsibilities of the action researcher as storyteller?
•How do you decide what to include in your report?
•How do you ensure you are accurate, inclusive, and fair in your representation of the action research process?

For your journal entry, submit 3 pages in which you complete the following:
•Analyze your personal comfort level regarding engaging in transformational action research.
•Describe the role storytelling plays in reporting the findings of your study.
•Evaluate the responsibilities that accompany the action researcher in the role of storyteller. ◦Where/how do personal or professional ethics impact the role of storyteller?

•Describe how the validity of research is connected to how accurately the information is communicated and stories are told.

Support your work with several specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate.


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