Journal Reflection on Reading

The description and instructions for this assignment includes that for all three journals, this order is only for the third journal.

If it helps to know, this course is designed for Social Workers. I am not a Social Worker nor am I getting my degree in Social Work. I am one credit shy of my Masters in Educational Psychology and therefore was advised to "just take any class available". I am a full-time Middle School (7th grade English) Teacher and Forensics (competitive public speaking and theatrical arts) Coach.

Also, if it helps to get to know me any better, in terms of my opinions on anything, I am happy to answer any questions about myself. I am a female of age 31 and a divorced full-time single mother to a special needs young man who is in 3rd grade. I consider myself very liberal in terms of political issues and practice Roman Catholicism.

Here is a little blurb from my LinkedIn profile: "X" graduated from "A" University Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Elementary Education and endorsement in ELA in 2012. "X" completed the five year program in three and a half years. Months after graduation "X" began teaching English and Reading at "Y" Middle School. She also established and coaches the school’s current competitive forensics program. "X" obtained a MS in Educational Psychology from "B" University in 2017. Her enthusiasm for learning and growing as an educator is only matched by her corny and sarcastic humor that wins over students year after year. "X" also dedicates time and love to rescuing animals, particularly small dogs, with "Z" Dog and Cat Rescue.

Assignment (JOURNALS 1-3)
Child Welfare and Substance Abuse Reflection Journal

This assignment provides an on-going opportunity for you to critically evaluate your experiences in light of what you are learning in the course. It is intended to promote self-awareness and self-reflection through a critical examination of personal values and beliefs.

You are asked to keep a journal in which you should record your reactions, reflections, thoughts about any facet of the course. The journal must include your personal reactions to the topic/issues provided for weekly assignments; however, you must use link your perspective to the readings, handouts and lectures to support your thinking. Efforts should be made to go beyond description to analysis. Implications for you as a person and as a professional practicing in the field of social work should be apparent. Journal entries are expected to move beyond description to demonstrate self-analysis base on thoughtful reflection and critical self-assessment.
Your journal can be used to define concepts in your own words; to note various research issues to be explored; to think about implications for your own practice; to discuss work experiences; to critique course discussion board topics; and/or to question the literature and other material present in the course.

Each entry should include: 1) the date; 2) a critical response to the situation or issue to be considered; 3) a critical analysis of what this means in light of social justice principles, personal beliefs, and professional values; 4) your personal reactions and questions with attention to conflicts between personal and professional perspectives; 5) What implications do your reactions to this situation have for your further professional development?

It is important to note that your entries will be kept confidential and on your ability to thoughtfully reflect about your reactions/responses and to identify implications that might include a viable plan for further growth and development.

Grading criteria for journal entries:

1. Ability to identify and discuss relevant issues
2. Evidence of thoughtful reflection
3. Analysis of issues in light of classroom learning
4. Critical awareness of personal beliefs, professional values and potential conflict
5. Incorporation of Code of Ethics

Grading criteria for topic/issue critique:

• Evidence you have carefully read and grasped the meaning of the relevant assigned reading and developed an in-depth analysis. Reference the readings, handouts and lectures to support your thinking.
• Evidence you have explored how the readings affect and challenge thinking, personally and professionally.
• Clarity in communicating your ideas, including, grammar, spelling, APA formatting, etc.

Journal entries should be approximately 3-4 pages long, typed, and double-spaced.

All journals need to be typed, double-spaced with a cover page, font should be Times New Roman size 12, and inclusive of traditional (normal) one inch margins. Any references you use need to be completed in APA formatting (6th edition).


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