Judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys all play important roles in the court process.

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Begin your response by describing the role of each of these court players. Next, discuss the interactions that occur between these three court players during a courtroom hearing, as well as outside of the courtroom, but as part of the court process.

The pre-trial phase of the court process includes a wide variety of activities that might occur. In your response,

Identify and describe at least four different activities that might occur as part of the pre-trial phase of the court process. As part of your response, be sure to place the activities that you have identified in the correct chronological order, being sure to explain why they occur in the specific timeline that you have described.

The process flow for criminal case trials is very consistent from one case to another. Describe the process flow of a criminal case that has gone to trial instead of being settled through a plea bargain. Be sure to place the events in the exact order in which they occur, and explain any significant factors associated with why the events must occur in the order you have described.

While operating similarly to adult courts from a process flow point of view, juvenile courts have some unique characteristics. Begin your response by discussing reasons why a juvenile court must be operated differently than an adult court. Next, identify and describe at least two process functions of a juvenile court that operate differently than the adult courts.

A lack of ethical behavior on the part of criminal court professionals can have negative impacts for defendants during the court hearing process. Identify and discuss at least three types of ethical violations within the criminal court system that can have a negative impact on the court hearing process for a defendant.

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