Labor Relations at Southwest Airlines

Labor Relations at Southwest Airlines Read ?Taking Responsibility: High-Flying Labor Relations at Southwest Airlines?
Write a 3-page essay which thoroughly answers the following three (3) questions: 1. Contrast the general labor relations goals of Southwest?s management, its employees? unions, and the society in which it operates. Where are those goals in conflict, and where are they consistent? 2. Would you say that Southwest?s labor relations help promote the company?s sustainability (ability to make a profit without sacrificing the resources of its employees, community, and environment)? Why or why not? 3. What advice would you give Southwest for its labor relations following the acquisition of AirTran? Please use the provided Textbook as one reference plus at least two (2) additional references from other peer reviewed or scholarly resources, to reinforce and support your own thoughts, ideas, and statements using APA citation style. Please use APA format and in-text citations for all ideas or thoughts borrowed from another source and provide the full reference on the reference page for all academic sources used. Please use the Unit 8 Assignment Template which will be provided to the writer. It basically has three sections: an Introduction section, a Review Analysis section (this is basically where the body of the essay should be written, answering the three questions given), and a Conclusion section.  

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