labour-intensive production

Considering that fast fashion supply chains rely on labour-intensive production, assess the extent to which this relies on the constant reproduction of cheap labour. Provide examples to enrich your answer.

You need to identify these main factors-

Clothing & fast fashion
• Timing of the chain, how did these chains emerge and how power relations work amongst the actors? – Capps 2001, started from industrialization, happened in the north, thats all i know..
• Main actors- who they should be? who are they?
• Relative position of actors / territoriality
• Institutional framework: MFA & WTO
• Structure of power relations
-buyer-drivenness & demand-driveness, market & supply chain power,
corporate power
-The agile supply chain? look at christopher
-how power is exercised? By whom?
-what are the effects on other actors?


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