• Weight: 300 pts
• Length: 8-10p
• Double Space
• 1” Margins
• Title Page
• Works Cited Page (3 sources)
Instructions: Write a focused, concretely developed, grammatically correct paper on
one of the topics related to Lame Deer (hand out). You may use the same topic as your
mini-paper, expanding and developing it into your term paper.
Note: You must integrate/paraphrase quotes from at least three outside sources into
your paper, only one of which may be an internet source. Use proper MLA
parenthetical page reference format in your paper, and proper MLA citation format on
your works cited page (as covered in the course).
1. Analyze several elements of Lame Deer’s narrative style, citing examples from as
many of the chapters that we read as necessary to make your point.
• Myth
• History
• Social critique
• Personal experience (subjective)
• Metaphor
• Alliteration
• Sensory detail (sights, sounds, smells)
• Satire
• Humor
• Irony
• Contrast
• Comparison and contrast
• Logic
• Language
• Adjectives (Descriptors)
• Facts/statistics
2. Compare and contrast the Native American and Euro-American cultures, using Lame Deer as your primary text, making specific reference to “The Green Frog Skin.”
3. Compare and Contrast Native American and Euro-American attitudes toward the environment, using Lame Deer as your primary text, with specific reference to “Talking to the Owls and Butterflies.”.
4. Should sports logos/ mascots that reinforce negative stereotypes of the Native American be banned? Do sports teams and schools (Redskins, Chiefs, Seminoles, Indians etc.) that appropriate Native American mascots and names which reinforce negative stereotypes of the Native American have an ethical obligation to adopt alternatives that are less ethnically offensive?
5. The causes, effects, and solutions to alcoholism on the reservation?
6. The Indian Boarding School tradition. Analyze, critique, and assess the effects on Native American children of “education" in the boarding school.
7. Activism/Resistance: Using Lame Deer’s chapter, “Sitting Atop Teddy Roosevelt Heads, answer the question “is it every justified to break the law to protest an
injustice? Analyze the causes of Lame Deer’s protest, assess the tactics, propose possible solutions?
8. Lame Deer vs the New York Museum. Which is more important: a museum’s right to educate the public about Native Americans or an individual Native American’s right to a family heirloom in a museum



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