language accent b

write a research proposal To prepare, brainstorm, look for sources and read up on the topic " is the language accent base on history or geography?"

For the proposal, please submit the following:

A paragraph in which you clearly describe what you plan to do for your paper. Your description can take the form of a projected abstract (that is, a projected summary) of your paper, a draft of the introductory paragraph, or a thesis statement with some additional background.
Avoid phrases like "I will write about …" which are much less illuminating than a sentence that claims: "In this paper I will show that …" In other words, use phrases that go beyond telling me the topic of your paper, telling me instead the main point you’d like to make about that topic.
A short annotated bibliography of 3 credible, relevant sources that you plan to use. This will take the form of a citation (either LSA or APA format), along with a brief summary of the source and how you plan to use it for your paper. (No more than about 100 words per source, not including the citation information.)
The grade for this assignment will be based on whether you do all of the above, not on whether I think you need to modify your proposal


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