Language Analysis: Analyse critically the core area of linguistic aspect of English language according to the instructions below:

For this paper the outcome of the exercises should contain:
1) an understanding of the core areas of descriptive linguistics:
phonetics and phonology, grammar, semantics and pragmatics.
2) an understanding of some of the theories that seek to explain
the core properties of human language
3)Critically reflect upon and discuss methodologies and practices used in formal
4)Apply the tools of description and analysis to real language data and, where appropriate, to an ELT context. 

dear writer, you need to answer four questions analytically with appropriate references. The answer for the first three questions( section A) should be in total 3000 words, each answer contains 20% of the overall mark and the answer for the last question ( section B)should contain 2000 words which contains 40% of the mark.
I will upload a separate document which contains the questions you need to analyse and answer. 

ATTENTION: With regards to referencing there are suggested references with the questions that you need to use. please make sure you give a EXACT PAGE NUMBER in your in-text referencing for the answers you supply. and upload me with a separate pdf electronic page where I can check the references you have used.


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