Latin Americas History

Latin America’s History
Maximum of three pages per question to be typed in 12 font double spaced. You must select 3 of the 5 questions below to answer completely using Chicago Manuel of Style, for citations. A brief overview can be found on line at: Q1: In what way has the idea of race influenced the evolution of Latin American societies from 1492-to the present? Provide at least three fundamental examples that demonstrate your mastery of this idea. Be sure to define any discipline specific terms, i.e.) Castas. Q2: How has the question of “dependency†influenced relations between post-colonial societies in the Americas and the global market? Provide three examples of how the legacy of colonialism has played a factor; albeit positive or negative, in the socio-economic and political development in the region. Q3: Why is it inaccurate to call the numerous conflicts which broke out around the globe in the post-World War II era, 1954-1990s a “Cold War†? Provide no less than three examples of how the era may better be defined as a “Hot War.†Be sure to define in any answer you provide the definitions for communism, capitalism, democracy and autocracy. Q4: In what ways have Latin American peoples collaborated on the production of cultural forms that are uniquely American? Offer three examples how the interaction between ethnic groups in Latin American societies resulted in the formation of a cultural form non-existent prior to contact. Q5: What historical factors have influenced the northern flow of immigration to the United States from peoples throughout Latin America? Specifically you must address four factors, two each related to US. Foreign in the Hemisphere and local practices in the United States. Please include atleast either Q1 or Q2, or both. For Q1, please mention (atleast 2):
Reconquista For Q2, please mention: (atleast 2);

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