law and policy Adult social care

Bsc Social Work Year 3 (Final year)

Assessment B- your chosen client group (3000 words)-

Case Study:

Mr J is 23 years of age and suffers from a physical disability called cerebral Palsy and has Down’s syndrome.   Mr J also suffers from epilepsy and as a result of this he has seizures often. Furthermore, Mr J is a wheel chair user and due to his complex health needs he cannot meet his physical needs independently. Mr J stays in a bungalow by himself but has carers 24 hours to meet his needs. (This is the case study I have written and would need to apply different government policies & legislation to this case scenario. How social workers would apply legislation and government policies in the best way possible). Assume Mr J does not have capacity to make decisions

In this assignment, I will discuss different pieces of legislation and government policies which adult services would implement to their practice when supporting the chosen service user group which I have chosen which is adults with learning disabilities.

In the United Kingdom, a learning disability is defined as a state of impaired intelligence and social functioning which was developed in the early lives of an individual but it has a lasting impact upon them throughout their life Priest & Gibbs (2004). (This is what I have written so far feel free to change it).

Assignment Guidance:

The assignment requires a critical debate of key concepts relating to community care as applied to your chosen adult client group.   Avoid descriptive accounts or lists of the elements of policy / guidance.   If a historical context is presented, make this brief to serve merely as an introduction to current developments.

  • Try to ensure that your analysis of ‘community care’ incorporates the impact of past and current political ideologies and external influences, rather than a straight account of the legislation.


  • Your discussion of the impact of the above on vulnerable adults (e.g. people with disabilities; older people; people with mental health or substance misuse problems) should incorporate societal attitudes, as well as relevant policies and legislation. (I have chosen to talk about adults with learning disabilities in general)


  • Your ‘application’ to a selected service-user group is designed to demonstrate your ability to relate concepts to practice;   this may be a small part of the essay, or can be used throughout the text.


  • If you do not chose carers as a specific group, do ensure that you show awareness of the importance of carers and how you ensure carer participation is addressed.


  • In essence if you, following qualification or in your final placement are working as a social worker in this particular field of adult social work. What are the key issues you need to be aware of, legally, policy, practice and how does this impact upon the people you will work with and influences your role and responsibilities?

(Appreciation of The Care Act 2014 will be a key beginning)


Learning Outcomes for Assessment B (3000 words)


  1. Critically Recognise the contribution, and begin to make use, of research to inform practice

Whichever client group you wish to examine, ensure that at your final year of study, you apply a range of reading to your essay. Books, Journals, research

(look at the handbook reading list)


2.Critically analyse how legislation and guidance in Adult safeguarding can advance or constrain people’s rights and recognise how the law may be used to protect or advance their rights and entitlement


In assessment A, you will orally touch upon the role and responsibility the Care Act 2014 ( Care Act 2014 is important so this must be included, different sections of the Act)places upon you and your employing organisation in relation to safeguarding. For the purpose of this B assessment, you need to show in written form that you are reflecting upon the guidance and regulations within the Act and applying this to your chosen client group. For example are there specific aspects of safeguarding that, from reading and research may be more specific to some client groups than others? By the time you write your essay, it is possible that somewhere, someone, has begun a judicial review/challenge of how the care act 2014 has been interpreted, implemented – together we can consider what is emerging

With reference to current legislative requirements in Adult social work, recognise personal and organisational discrimination and oppression, and identify ways in which they might be challenged.

For example, In beginning to reflect upon the changes that The Care Act 2014 has introduced, appreciation of the Mental Health Act 1983 (and amendments) , Mental Capacity Act (2005) and recent court observations.


How does/or might the current (proposed) law within the sphere of adult social work potentially discriminate and oppress your particular client group (adults with learning disabilities). If you are a social worker working with your chosen client group (adults with learning disabilities) in practice, how might you challenge this?

Your mentors may have some early observations?


5   Demonstrate a high level of skill in applying evidence based, effective social work approaches to help service users and families handle change, especially in areas such as transition, and understanding the impact of loss and change.


Consider the Advice and information chapter in the Care Act 2014.

What have been your findings in identifying how your scenarios chosen Local authority provides information? Local authority is Kirklees Council as I am studying at Huddersfield university)

Reflect upon the notion of ‘co- production’ see,

reflect upon, ‘making safeguarding personal’


  1. Critically analyse adult social welfare policy, its evolution, implementation and impact on people, social work, other professions and inter-agency working

In your reading upon your chosen client group (adults with learning disabilities), what are the key current welfare policies (and proposed?) How are they/have they impacted upon people.

Your opportunity to show you have an (emerging) understanding and analysis of the real issues that impact upon individuals and groups and how as an individual social worker you would anticipate your role and responsibility


For Both Assessments


*          Check that you have addressed all elements of the assessment criteria, as listed.


  • For assessment A (part two) & assessment B ,ensure that academic rigour is maintained, i.e. the essay is well planned and structured, referencing is comprehensive and clear, with full bibliography, and attention is paid to grammatical and spelling accuracy.


Referencing is APA 6 SYSTEM

All written works requires appropriate references, please see the attached guide

(Please note that from Sept 2013, The University has changed its referencing requirements (style)from Harvard to the APA 6 system – information will be available on the University web pages)

Word count and penalties

When calculating the word count it should be noted that a standard word count includes all text, but excludes diagrams, reference list or bibliography and appendices. This word count should be clearly displayed on the title page of the assignment.



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