Leadership principles and practice

Assessment brief:
The purpose of this assignment is to consider your own leadership potential, and how your
personality and skills can be used in a leadership role (at AUT or in your private life) that you have
worked on during this year. Your leadership activity presented must have a specific aim and
provide a realistic opportunity to evaluate your leadership potential.
Guide to layout and presentation:
Personal profile
1. Discuss your core beliefs and values, and how this influences your approach to leadership.
Describe your strengths, weaknesses, skills, character, ethical and moral position, and how
these influence you as a leader and your choice of leadership style. Evaluate your
personality characteristics and how these inform your approach to leadership.
2. For the personal profile, you will need to research and reference leadership models and
styles. You must justify your choice of leadership style using research articles and
textbooks. i.e. what style of leader do you think you are and why? How?
Leadership exercise
Provide a concise outline of a leadership activity that you have engaged in recently (past 6
months) or are currently undertaking. Your outline is descriptive and should address the following:
 A brief outline of what the leadership activity is and its purpose
 The diversity of the group
 The expectations and skills others in your group will expect of you
 Clearly describe what the group expected to achieve (i.e. goals/outcomes)
Annotated Bibliography
Based on the leadership activity presented above, briefly introduce and discuss anticipated
challenges and issues you could potentially face as a leader.
You are required to present a critical review of material that is relevant to the challenges and
issues you have indicated. Your review should include at least 6 refereed academic journal articles.
Your review should reflect on how the leadership approach presented in your personal profile can
be used to address these challenges and issues (i.e. make it clear what you learned from the
review and how it will be applied to your leadership activit


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