Liberty and Slavery

1.How did the planters’ paternalism serve to justify the system of slavery? Meaning, what were the arguments used to justify the existence of slavery in the south? In particular, consider the basic points made by the proslavery defense and how they justified their point of view to both southerners and non-southern audiences. 2. What were the lives of slaves like (including men, women and children) in the south? Consider the different types of labor systems (gang labor, task labor), and the ways in which slaves created communities and cultures that allowed them to survive in an oppressive society. 3. What attempts were made to resist slavery? Consider the attempts made by slaves (including rebellions, runaway tactics, etc.) as well as the attempts made by the abolitionist movement. Were these attempts successful or not? SOURCES: For this assignment you need to use AND cite at least 6 sources throughout your paper. This should include any 6 of the following sources (a combination of primary sources, secondary sources, images, and videos, which are all available to you in Canvas). Your sources should be cited using either footnotes or in-text citations and can include a Bibliography at the end (the Bibliography is NOT part of the page limit). Thomas R. Dew on Emancipation after Nat Turner (1832) John C. Calhoun Sees “Slavery in its true light…” (1838) John C. Calhoun on the Error of “All men are created equal” (1848) George Fitzhugh, “The Universal Law of Slavery” (1850) Twelve Years a Slave (1853) Hammond Manual (1857) Father Henson’s Story of His Own Life (1858) James Henry Hammond, “The Mudsill Theory” (1858) History of Slave Insurrections (1860) Samuel Warner on Nat Turner’s Insurrection (1831)
 Lydia Maria Child, An Appeal in Favor of That Class of Americans Called Africans (1833)
 Abolition, Fanaticism, and Freedom (1835) 
 Anti-Abolition Broadside (1837)
 Margaret Fuller’s “Woman in the Nineteenth Century” (1845)
 William Goodell, “Liberty and Slavery” (1853)
 Charles Harding on Temperance (1869)


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