literaryhistorical periods

literary–historical periods the key terms we’ve covered regarding literary–historical periods:short answers in the contexts of the books we read in class. As long as you can pull examples from the class texts • [The Middle Ages—pre-modernity]
• The Renaissance [Early Modern period]
• The Enlightenment [Early Modern period]
o The Reformation
o The Scientific Revolution
• Neoclassicism [Early Modern period]
• Baroque [Early Modern period]
• Romanticism
o Pathetic fallacy
o Hyperbole
o The sublime
• Realism–Naturalism
o The Industrial Revolution
o Capitalism: The rise of the bourgeoisie
o Marxism (and economic determinism: you are your social class)
o Darwinism (and biological determinism: you are your genes)
o Freudianism (and psychological determinism: you are what happened to you as a very young child, before you can remember)
o Neurasthenia
o Ennui
• Modernism (High Modernism)
o Stream of consciousness
o Experimentation (Cubism, prose poetry, twelve-tone music, e.g.)
o Magical realism
• Postmodernism
o Fragmentation
o Quotationalism
o Irony
o Post-colonialism
• Modernity (as a whole) And regarding literary structure: • Protagonist
• Inciting incident
• Rising action
• Climax
• Falling action (denouement)
• Antagonist
o Foil
• Comedy
• Tragedy
• Irony
• Archetype
• Horror (fear of experience of pain or death)
• Terror (fear of anticipation of pain or death, much stronger than horror)
• The fantastic–uncanny (perceived as fantastic)
• The fantastic–marvelous (actually breaks the rules of the real world)
• The uncanny valley
• Hybridity, monstrosity highlighted in bold the terms that I’m definitely going to ask about on the final. You don’t need to memorize strict definitions or dates. write short answers in the contexts of the books we read in class. As long as you can pull examples from the class texts (your pick of texts),
Different text to draw defition from:
? The Tale of Genji, Murasaki, trans. Arthur Waley ? Inferno, Dante, trans. Robert Pinsky ? The Prince, Machiavelli, trans. Daniel Donno ? Don Juan, Moliere, trans. Richard Wilbur ? Frankenstein, Shelley ? Faust, Goethe, trans. Cyrus Hamlin & Walter Arndt ? Madame Bovary, Flaubert, trans. Geoffrey Wall ? Orlando, Woolf ? A Mercy, Morrison ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!

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