Living with art

Living with art From your experience with “living with art” in your environment, how do you respond to your encounters with art??Art and life, this is a very old topic, and also a rotten and dull topic. Art comes from life and more than life. They are interdependent and mutually reinforcing. Nature and life provide to the art fertile soil to art, explain the nature and perform the life, to make human life more colorful. Compared with art and life, art has a greater capacity and temporal span, is the image reproduction of mind and imagination. Life is the source of art, art is the crystallization of life after the refining process. Life is more beautiful and art is eternal. Peter Tchaikovsky”s 1812 Overture
Performance of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture by the Leningrad Philharmonic during the worldwide celebration of Tchaikovsky’s 150th birthday. 1- Watch and listen to this youtube video. From your experience, address and consider the questions below.
2- Describe 5 specific artistic elements (i.e. logo, print, architecture, special effects, clothing…) that you observed that are not a part of the music performance on the main stage. How do these elements contribute or not to the performance your observed? 3 – Generally speaking, what do you believe the audience attire to be? Be specific… Why do you think that audiences who attend “classical” music performances dress the way they do? What does that say about the artform? What human values do you believe are expressed through this performance? 4 – How do the lighting and other special visual effects enhance the experience of this event? – Or do they? 5 – How do you view the relationship between the orchestra conductor and the musicians? What is the relationship of the artists (orchestra) and audience in this type of performing arts presentation? 6 – What human values did you observe that may be expressed by both the event auduence and artists? Share your observances and be specific. 7 – How does this type of performance compare to other concerts you have attended or experienced? Be specific regarding the genre and style of music and be cetain to address the human values you have observed through your experience.

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