Logical and Physical network Design

Logical and Physical network Design
Networking Project
Case IT training organization occupies a 2-storey building and a single storey supplementary building. The 2-storey building has a 512 Mb/s Point of Presence, which is provided by the Telecommunications Company. On the ground floor of the 2-storey building there are two training rooms. One has 14 computers the other 12 computers. The administration department is located at the centre of the ground floor and contains 10 computers plus a file/print server. On the first floor there is a multi-media centre, which contains 16 computers, and a design/development department, which has 24 computers. The supplementary building is used as Independent Learning Center (ILC) and currently has 18 computers. The supplementary building is 200m away from the main building and has dimensions of 120m x 120m. The company has been given one class C network address of   Task Write a report that will include the following: Design for the logical and physical network layout, showing all necessary networking hardware. Recommendation to include layers 1,2 and 3 media and network devices. All assigned IP addresses and subnet mask(s) to hosts and routers based on the given class C network address. Assume that there is one multi-port router, and that the POP may be relocated. Your solution should be scaleable.
MDF = Main Distribution Facility
IDF = Intermediate Distribution Facility Main Building Dimensions 130m by 50m by 50m
Physical Network Design
Recommend media, physical layout of the network infrastructure, MDF and IDF(s). Include all layer 1, 2 and 3 network devices.   Logical Network Design
Recommendations for logical topology recommended for the network.   IP Addressing Recommend all IP addresses and subnet masks to be used. Indicate where all addresses will be assigned. ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!    

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